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  • 0ne1 replied to the topic 'The Review Process Is Failing...' in the forum.
    Taking it public is the only way to get other honest reviewers to take a look... and approve or reject. Which highlights the broken nature of the review system.

    Yes, I provided a link to that webpage in the original e-mail ( I sent 2 ). I am fully aware that website/company makes and or sells neon signs. I am also fully aware that when a website takes pictures of their products for their catalog images, and places the catalog images on their webpage with a copyright notice, those catalog images are then copyright protected. It doesn't matter if the image is of a classic sign designed many years ago. That image is their content for their website, and their content on their website is copyright protected.

    So I fully disagree with your decision.

    How does it make the system broken? Well, let me list the ways:

    1: If people like myself don't take the time to email you after a suspected copyright infringing item gets approved, those said items can end up spreading out in-world and sold to people before you act on it. If the item is infringing, and they end up in world, that proves your system is broken.

    2: Reviewers are not notified when their reviewer weight has been reduced, or when an item they have just rejected has been approved (unless they check up on their last reviews, or notice their weight dropped and try to figure out which item caused it). So some reviewers wont even know if or when they should email you so you can look into it. In this case, the infringing items get in-world completely unnoticed, and that means your system is broken.

    3: Developers are not obligated to reply to people who reject their items. They can just approve it and move on without even acknowledging the rejection / reviewer. Meaning, again, infringing items can end up in-world, and the system is broken.

    4: If a developer has proof (or a rebuttal) that they own the rights to their design, but they aren't obligated to communicate with reviewers and provide said proof, it doesn't allow time for honest reviewers to review the evidence or rebuttal, and review their own vote and modify it before the final approval. So honest reviewers get the shaft. If someone honestly rejects something, and the developer has proof they have the rights, the reviewer should be given time to change their vote, but they don't have time. They shouldn't get punished by reduced weight, that is ridiculous, they did nothing wrong. That means weight system is broken.

    5: I believe one of the reasons for the peer review system was to remove interaction from your staff (and to be legally protected by the DMCA), but issue #1 and #2 basically puts the final approval decision in your hands, and legally disqualifies you for DMCA protection. Again, your system fails.

    6: Why even have a review system if you can (and do) rely on DMCA protection? I know you want to prevent having to remove or delete items from the world which people already purchased from a developer. But it doesn't seem like your review system does a very good job of preventing that. How does that even work when developers can get paid via PayPal? This means it is possible for a developer to profit (with legal tender) from copyrighted material before you have a chance to act on the infringment, or react upon a DMCA take-down notice. This opens you up for an even bigger lawsuit. Have you had your lawyers look into this? If not, I think your system is a complete failure to be honest.

    Systems Engineer
    1 minutes ago
  • 0ne1 created a new topic ' The Review Process Is Failing...' in the forum.
    So why would anyone care to reject an item when people just ignore the rejections?

    Even after stating my concerns and rejecting, others (including the developer) proceeded to approve. I lost reviewer weight...

    Now its about to happen again...

    I sent a couple emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ... but they seem asleep at the wheel.

    Why do I care about losing weight? Because I am a developer too, and it is reducing my ability to vote on my own items.

    Does anyone know if when my weight decreases, my minimum approval hours increase when I submit an item? Does my minimum approval points increase too?

    Maybe I should just stop reviewing items... and maybe I am not the only one who thinks this, and that is why you actually have to go around and beg people to approve your stuff these days.
    1 hours 51 minutes ago
  • phluid13 replied to the topic 'Re:Tapatalk Plugin Now Working' in the forum.
    Thanks. It's working for me now.

    7 hours 20 minutes ago
  • Chumbawamba is friends with nazereth666
  • nazereth666 replied to the topic 'Musicians Discussion' in the forum.
    Wow so I guess this thread has sat around for a while, I feel ashamed to leave for so long but some things have changed in my life. I have moved to a new place and on top of that I am currently in college studying Audio Engineering. But life has been good to me and I haven't stopped for a second in my pursuit to better my playing ability. Things have been going good, I feel I have made a significant improvement in (almost) two years this thread has laid dormant.

    On top of that I have been lucky to add a few guitars to my arsenal, here have a picture.


    I hope to start posting here again but things have been busy in my current life so if I disappear it doesn't mean I have left for good haha.

    For anyone still here, has anything changed musically in your life?
    9 hours 38 minutes ago
  • powellpac1 replied to the topic 'Hood Decks' in the forum.
    so those decks cannot be used on ground level hoods then
    15 hours 29 minutes ago
  • Catrona thanks user 'kateshappy' in the forum message ' Hot August Nights - Aug. 27-31'.
    21 hours 12 minutes ago
  • Catrona thanks user 'kateshappy' in the forum message ' Hot August Nights - Aug. 27-31'.
    21 hours 12 minutes ago
  • kateshappy replied to the topic 'Hot August Nights - Aug. 27-31' in the forum.
    Hot August Nights Mad Gab Quest Aug 27, 9 am est - May 31, 11pm est.
    Hot Hot Bingo Night 9pm est.
    BABS: Hot Rod Road Race 11 pm est.
    BABS: Some Like it Hot 12 am midnight est.
    21 hours 34 minutes ago

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