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  • xSnoopy replied to the topic 'There - Free to Play' in the forum.
    coolnet560 wrote:
    Last night I hosted Bingo with Club99. We had 45 people at the event.

    That is both good news and bad news.
    The Good news is you had 45 people at your event. I was there.
    The bad news is that 45 people represent about half of all the people on line at the peak of any given day.
    Something needs to be done.
    I have no ideas other than making it free and keep the age to 18+.
    Just an observation, NOT trying to stir the pot or create any drama.
    Nothing would make me happier than seeing that peak number up around 2 or 300+ every damn day!!!!
    25 minutes ago
    Deleted user A game that's been around 10+ years and 100 members at best he couldn't run a Kool_Aid stand
    1 week ago
  • Here"S HALF the problem...Do you have a pencil? "ummm NO i dont here WAIT A SECOND" bla-bla-BLAHH!!! Why would someone tell me a # when I JUST told them I DO NOT!!!
    6 hours 31 minutes ago
  • Kelli Ransom love seein ya in game, woo~~~hoooooo!
    6 hours 33 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 thanks user 'TigerProwl' in the forum message ' There_Renter Land grab'.
    22 hours 27 minutes ago
  • Soede thanks user 'Orielle' in the forum message ' WordPress Blog'.
  • hasuky uploaded a new profile cover

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