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  • powellpac1 replied to the topic 'Re:The Review Process Is Failing...' in the forum.
    This is a subject I have commented on before if someone reviews an item and finds issues with the said item and flags it accordingly then this item needs to be put on a review hold so the developer cannot automatically accept the item. Where the problem is is when a reviewer gets points deducted for showing possible errors in ones work. If one took the time to properly review an item, called attention to a possible mistake, and showed how the conclusion to reject was rendered they should not have points taken away. A submission hold it would allow There time to investigate it This puts THERE.Com to be the determining factor of the submission they can contact the developer ask as many questions they need to to resolve the issue I know it took one word from samsyn to get my attention when there was an issue with one of my submissions it was corrected and reviewed by samsyn and cleared. The review system needs to be tweaked agreed but the reviewer should not get punished for reviewing ones work its not a paid position its a position one is doing a favor for in this case the only thing we are doing is saying hay Designer Hey THERE.COM look at this.This is what I found. Then its The designer and or THEREs decision for it to continue on or not. Is this subject to abuse sure it is someone may not like me and just reject everything because they can. A pattern will emerge and I trust will handle it. But why kill someones review points for doing the work that truly belongs in the hands of there in the first place. We don't mind helping out but we should not be punished for doing so.
    1 hours 15 minutes ago
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  • Dracula_UK replied to the topic 'What's in a Name?' in the forum.
    DUREXPECTME2BELIVEIT as for name changes would they!!
    7 hours 12 minutes ago
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