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  • phluid13 replied to the topic 'Re:Developer Item Sales Tool' in the forum.
    I would also like to see a feature where it only shows approved items and not everything. I have some test items that I don't want to see in the list that never made it through review.

    What other feedback were you looking for?

    42 minutes ago
  • MichaelFlya replied to the topic 'Developer Item Sales Tool' in the forum.
    Well my biggest problem has been nobody chimes in... I feel like I'm almost talking to a wall most of the time so my only push to go forward has been my own enjoyment to develop it. I'm about done with most of it, but I'd suggest you to go forward as well. Because what everyone will get is security in the fact that somebody can be reached to help others when these applications go down, for whatever reason development with different programming languages can be useful considering if one doesn't work maybe the other will. Like changes their data format. People are trying to reach the creator of the Jinx and no luck.... But if everyones biggest problem is whether to use mine or yours or the Jinx, I think that's a good day for them bwahaha.... I am so surprised that no one has created this thus far....

    I can honestly say that all options stated above are mostly possible.. I can even add that in the future I could or somebody can set the sight on server scripting and the developer could upload/install a script if they have an ftp and never ever haft to think again it would be completely automatic heh. because at some point everyone knows how they want their listing to go in which they never want to look again at the tool haha.......

    What programming platform was you thinking of building on?

    1 hours 30 minutes ago
  • MichaelFlya replied to the topic 'Writing a new auction auto-lister.' in the forum.
    Wellthe next version works here's a vid. It will have a menu that I'm also working on. And I think I might give the option to make the browser window silent, or silent by default too.. The next version grabs old auction data so no having to fill out.. I'm just for starters trying to smooth out being able to choose list or not to list easily from a menu. The first version of the menu anyways...
    2 hours 18 minutes ago
  • phluid13 created a new topic ' LiquiGear Holiday Merchandise 2014' in the forum.
    LIQUIGEAR NIGHTMARE BEFORE XMAS SALE: For one week only (Now until October 27th), my new Holiday Merchandise will be on sale for only 1k over wholesale. Items won't be re-listed until Thanksgiving and will increase in price. Get your Holiday Decoration Sets today! Search HOLIDAY2014 in auctions to see the full line-up.
    2 hours 58 minutes ago
  • Well, obviously I don't know how to add this sot of attachment to a post on Thumdar... Either that or I just can't see it. Both are likely.
    5 hours 41 minutes ago
  • This was reported by CoolNet and one other member. And turns out to be true (no aspersion intended there!)

    If you use ThereTweaker to modify your screen dimensions, and see a PERMISSION ERROR in response, then try changing your IE Emulation to something other than 'default' (temporarily, as needed)

    Haven't looked at the code yet, so I don't know exactly how dumb this is. But I'm sure it's my fault, so it's probably pretty dumb.

    - Dan
    6 hours 49 minutes ago
  • susanszy replied to the topic 'CCR Celebrates Autumn!' in the forum.
    9 hours 19 minutes ago
  • susanszy created a new topic ' CCR Celebrates Autumn!' in the forum.
    Let's celebrate Autumn's arrival by hunting up some pumpkins!CCRCelebrateAutumn.jpg
    9 hours 20 minutes ago
  • phluid13 thanks user 'powellpac1' in the forum message ' On THERE being empty and nothing to do...'.
    10 hours 37 minutes ago
  • susanszy replied to the topic 'CCR Columbus Day Caper!' in the forum.
  • howshafern replied to the topic 'Rastopia Fun Park Opening Today' in the forum.
    Your event, Rastopia Funpark Grand Opening, held in Rastopia Funpark has concluded. 30 members attended your event. "Thanks to all who showed up"
  • howshafern thanks user 'amxscott' in the forum message ' Rastopia Fun Park Opening Today'.
    2 days ago
  • howshafern thanks user 'racesmart' in the forum message ' Rastopia Fun Park Opening Today'.
    2 days ago
  • amxscott thanks user 'howshafern' in the forum message ' Rastopia Fun Park Opening Today'.
    2 days ago
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic 'On THERE being empty and nothing to do...' in the forum.
    Greenie, it's great seeing you this past couple of weeks. Yes there are tons of events happening in There. Unfortunetely, is a small populaiton, however; we still hold big events where we receive over 100 members that come and participate in. There are still events that are happening daily. If you feel there aren't enough events, go ahead and create your own events. Post them here or on Facebook, Twitter etc...Who knows your events may get published on's blog. Anyways, I'm glad to see the community working together in achieving the goal. The goal is to work together by creating events, designs, and promoting to bring people in game and to stay. As we continue to work together, we will succeed to our goal and hope to go above and beyond.
    2 days ago

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