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  • Ambleman replied to the topic 'The Suggestion Board' in the forum.
    This idea came up on Zona last night and I don't remember ever seeing it mentioned - I would love to be able to choose my own hot keys - primarily the voice key - PgDn is in such an awkward spot - would love to change mine to the space bar or zero - that kind of thing - keep up the great work everyone - loving being back in world.
    3 hours 19 minutes ago
  • blutec thanks user 'Jayess1' in the forum message ' Who Flooded SeaSide Cove? Quest'.
    9 hours 28 minutes ago
  • Jayess1 created a new topic ' Who Flooded SeaSide Cove? Quest' in the forum.
    A Whodunit Quest Filled Mystery, Intrigue. Suspense & Comedy. You're The Detective & Other Thereian Are The Suspects. This Quest Run From April 17th to April 30th. This Quest Start at the JS Designs & Questing Club at Malu 143
    [File Attachment: WFSCQ.jpg]
    10 hours 36 minutes ago
  • Lalee replied to the topic 'Facebook Discussions ~ Unsearchable?' in the forum.
    I don't rely on Facebook to look BACK to find something that is where THUMDAR.COM is extremely important. I look to Facebook for a variety of real time comments for events and "whats up". I look to as a very important repository and search engine for looking things up and especially getting downloads. Some Facebook groups are leaving download files pertaining to THERE within the group BUT I STILL look to for downloads and IMPORTANT updates on what is happening in THERE especially looking for posts from our AWESOME owner and AMAZING and WONDERFUL staff! THERE.COM is a very important part of my life for both social interactions and just plain FUN entertainment. So thank you THUMDAR and thank you ALL so much! 'hug 'kiss
    20 hours 39 minutes ago
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