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    Hey 0ne1,

    I don't want you to get the impression that I don't think the system has it's flaws. I think MW and Dan would agree it isn't the most perfect system in place. It surely isn't being used by the IRS. I think though for what we need at this moment in time, the system seems to be working the best it can be for now. For me and my own personal experience. I submit and item, someone reviews, I review the reviews as I receive their emails anytime someone places a review, and then when my time is up, I APPROVE the item into world and list it if I so please.

    That being said, I don't think you asked for a lesson on how I complete my own process, but you asked if it raises your approval time when your approval score decreases. I don't believe, to my knowledge, that approval time increases as your approval score decreases. As I understand it, the approval time is based on how many previous items you had approved or in your larceny of developer items.

    You've pointed out a few valid points regarding the flaws in the process. I won't specifically go into each bullet point and respond but the biggest factor is the loss of approval points, which seems to be a big deal for some and not a big deal for others. I have lost points in the past for whatever reason or another (I think a developers items were removed from the list and thus resulted in my loss, but I can't remember). I just keep reviewing and they go right back up. Personally, it gives me more incentive to continue the process to increase my score once more and be at 100. I think theres a sense of entitlement that once we've reached 100, that they will stay that way as long as we stay out of harms way and review appropriately. I can assure you as you have experienced it seems, they WILL fluctuate and there is a possibility that we will wrongfully lose points. But those rare one-off cases are fewer and far between than we want to admit.

    I think the real question is how much do you place value on your reviewer points? They don't serve any monetary value (I couldn't go to the grocery store and buy tomatoes with them) and we are still able to increase them back to what they were by continuing to review. The points we each have as reviewers is just a number that contributes to the 800 that a developer needs to APPROVE their item into world. If some of us only have 85 points because we lost them, there are still plenty of members in world to get them to the 800 goal. And when that happens, the people who were 85 get the increase in points.

    I guess what I am saying is that, for me, I personally understand the flaws. And in understanding them, I am able to work through them. But for the most part, the system is working just fine for what we need. Developers are approving their items into world almost every day. We may encounter some hiccups along the way that make us take a small step back, but it doesn't completely stop us in our tracks. Just keep doing what you're doing and move past the flaws. It's gonna be alright if you lose a point or two along the way. They'll come back.
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