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  • susanszy thanks user 'coolnet560' in the forum message ' Wednesday night Bingo'.
    11 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic 'Wednesday night Bingo' in the forum.
    Greetings Snoopy,

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Our goal for our events is to make the community happy, and safe. Unfortunately, you and a group other people were disrupting the people by making loud noises in the zone box. This isn't the first time you all decided to disrupt our events. If I recall correctly, you all came to bingo at Banaphone, and tried the same thing or somewhat similar. Not only there, but during another bingo event, you were looking for a particular person to grief (no name will be mention). You were all given warnings for each disruption in the past and you decided to ignore us.

    Because of the past situations that you all caused for us, we decided to allow you to attend and you all had one final chance to show us that you would not cause any problems and because of YOUR behavior, you were ban from the event. As for your friends, they were all attacking on the owner of the facility, which he had the right to put you all on ignore and ban you all. Now, we could have resolved this in a polite manner, but you all decided to attack us, by screaming, yelling, cursing at us and the owner of the facility we had no other choice but to ban you. Not only that, but once you were banned from the event, you all decided to run back into the zone and made loud disruptions in the zone box for a long period of time.

    A suggestion for you and your friends, next time if you do decide to attend any events, take your conversation into an IM box. I've suggested this to you all but you decided to ignore my suggestions. Also, learn to respect others including, host, co-host, and people in general if you do decide to hangout out other places in-world and attending other events.

    I do hope you understand our reasons why you and the rest of your friends at Zona were banned. In time, we may remove you from our ignore list, and if you do decide to come back refrain from making obnoxious comments to anyone. If you dislike someone, go ahead and put them on ignore or just don't acknowledge them. I wish you and your friends the best of luck in the future. If you wish to contact me privately to discuss more about the problems that happen, you may send me a private message on Thumdar and we can schedule an appointment to resolve this issue.

    21 minutes ago
  • Good news!

    Through the magic of Stripe, you can now pay for Therebucks or There subscriptions even if you don’t have a PayPal Account.

    This also means that many of you who couldn’t pay due to your locale (Egypt, for example) may now be able to pay.

    There’s one little hitch – if you’re still running Internet Explorer 7, you won’t see the Stripe options. This is because Stripe uses relatively modern browser features which Internet Explorer 7 lacks (by “modern” I mean “modern like running water in your home” modern – IE 7’s not exactly the latest and greatest itself).

    One other hitch – if you want to purchase a developer item using the “Real Money” option you still need to use PayPal. This is because only PayPal offers the cool digital / micropayment options which make small purchases even worthwhile.

    We hope you like this new payment option, and, if you know anyone who hasn’t joined There because they needed another option, please let them know!

    29 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'susanszy' in the forum message ' Bingo at Sanctuary!'.
    1 hours 39 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'susanszy' in the forum message ' CCR Celebrates Autumn!'.
    1 hours 40 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'MichaelFlya' in the forum message ' Writing a new auction auto-lister.'.
    4 hours 35 minutes ago
  • xSnoopy created a new topic ' Wednesday night Bingo' in the forum.
    Last night a group of us were hanging out in Zona, talking about how boring it has been since the latest update to There.
    At about 8:45, someone mentioned that there was a Bingo event at 9:00.
    Most of us do not play Bingo but there are some very interesting people to interact with so we decided to go.
    After a short stop at a Yard sale, we went to Bingo.
    As we entered, someone shouted or made a noise in the IM box. It was quite loud and surprised me. My comment in the IM box was "what the hell was that".
    About 30 seconds later I was banned from the event along with one of my friends. No warning, no questions from the host or the co-host, just kicked us out.
    Shortly after that a lot of my friends were also banned. They told me that they had been defending me and wanted to know why I had been banned.
    A lot of the knowledgeable people in this Forum have been posting about "if you cant find people or are just bored find an event to go to". That is exactingly what we did.
    When I was running events at Arctic, I always gave the offensive person at least 1 or 2 warnings before banning them so they knew exactingly what they were being kicked out for. Usually booted them out but allowing them to come right back in. The second time I booted them out, I went outside the zone and gave them a verbal warning and let them back in. The third time it was usually permanent for that event.
    My group of friends, at times, use some rather colorful language and are pretty passionate about their beliefs. Other events we have been at the host usually tells us that their event is a "no cussing event" and that usually stops all the "offensive" language.
    Folks, this is NOT 1950. This is an over 18 crowd and it is 2014 and everyone should be treated as such.
    If you don't like the language, please ask that person or group to knock it off.
    Of course, if you have that person on your personal on Ignore list, at least take the time to remove him/her and give them a warning.
    There are a LOT of people, at events that do not have me on Ignore and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them.
    I hate to use this word but what happened last night is called GRIEFING!
    7 hours 6 minutes ago
  • susanszy created a new topic ' Bingo at Sanctuary!' in the forum.
    21 hours 10 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic '2014 Halloween Decorating Contest' in the forum.
    Just a reminder, you only have a few days to submit your decorations in. It only takes a few minutes to register. I removed the requirement to take a pic, I made that optional, but recommended. :) If you have any questions please contact me.
    23 hours 36 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic 'LiquiGear Holiday Merchandise 2014' in the forum.
    Nice job!
  • karen is friends with superdale
  • Here's the file for everyone to use if you all are having problems with There Tweaker. Just extract the file and and click on the ThereTweaker and it should work. :)

    Thank you Samsyn for fixing this issue. :)
  • mimi06 thanks user 'phluid13' in the forum message ' LiquiGear Holiday Merchandise 2014'.
    2 days ago

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