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  • Lady_Tigrane thanks user 'Shipman' in the forum message ' Banned from a community'.
    35 minutes ago
  • Lady_Tigrane replied to the topic 'Legends of the Fall: New Release September 2014' in the forum.
    I'm sorry but I'm going to call this what it really is.

    Punishment... plain and simple.

    There's version of the one percenter eliteists in game have it out for a particular group so they make a big stink about said group till the powers that be decide to punish them by charging for paintballs.
    43 minutes ago
  • Catrona replied to the topic 'Zona' in the forum.
    I guess I'm shocked, Tonisha.

    Normally, when you have an issue with something I comment on, you message me privately. That's what friends do. Now you are pretty much calling me out. That's what it feels like anyway.

    I spent a lot of the later years of old There in Zephyr. I'm sorry if you don't remember my time there, but many do. You may have had many pazes there, but I can name a lot of others that did as well. What the amount of pazes in Zephyr has to do with anything - lol I have no clue.

    Anyway - I'm not condoning any form of griefing towards Mimi and her noobs. I am simply stating AGAIN that she knows where she is going with them and should expect the little noobs to get picked on.

    in EVERY online game I have played, (social or MMO), the new members get griefed in the beginning. That will never change.
    43 minutes ago
  • Shipman replied to the topic 'Banned from a community' in the forum.
    Oh jeez. Never mind, I'm closing my account. I've had enough of trite, insensitive responses like that. I really don't like what is turning into, or what everyone seems to want to turn into.

    I'm not sure what "rules" are broken just driving a buggy around. You seem to think it's all perfectly normal to ban people willy-nilly or that 'if you weren't doing something, then you wouldn't get banned." The guy running the island lied about me. I did nothing wrong and I really don't care if you believe that or not.

    I'm not some noob, nor am I some cast-off, waste-of-space "griefer' as you seem quick to think. I beta-tested in 2002 when it was owned and created by Forterra. I had no less than 3 major paintball clubs, two journalist clubs and one fantastic buggy racing club. Those were the days...I guess it's true when people say "you can never go back". This new isn't the old There, that much is for certain.
    1 hours 45 minutes ago

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