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  • EmmaJean thanks user 'SMZ Greenie' in the forum message ' Invite to Breakfast Club'.
    9 hours 29 minutes ago
  • EmmaJean thanks user 'Orielle' in the forum message ' Event Help Needed'.
    9 hours 32 minutes ago
  • xSnoopy replied to the topic 'Wednesday night Bingo' in the forum.
    Thanks for your response. I look forward to the time that ALL parties involved, in this farce can stand around and iron out our problems but knowing the people involved, I expect to hear CNN report that Hell just froze over!
    You make the arrangements and I will be there!

    Have you thought of running for public office?
    I told you what happened and you DID NOT listen to what I said.
    Did you miss the part that I said about being the first one that was kicked out and that I DID NOT make any noise in the IM box prior to saying "what the hell was that"?
    I do not want to be argumentative but you NEVER came out, nor did anyone else, to discuss what happened.
    I also said that my friends were doing nothing more than defending me. They knew that I did nothing more than walk in the event and was immediately removed with NO warning for something I had nothing to do with. All my friends heard was someone asking who made that noise and a couple of people said "Snoopy did it". They had NO idea who made that noise but decided it must be Snoopy.
    As friends go, I could not ask for a better bunch of misfits to hang around with whenever I am in game.
    As an aside, last night someone had tried to teleport to the Welcome Wagon and was successful. We all ended up there playing cards and chatting. After about 10 or 15 mins a couple of the Island Guides showed up and then a third and 4th. A couple hours later this World Wide message showed up and said:
    "Hi, we need to restart the Welcome Walkway, since it forgot to keep griefers out! When you get kicked out in a minute, don't assume I was calling you a grier, unless you are :-) "
    Totally unnecessary... Just another example of griefing.
    10 hours 10 minutes ago
  • RK_Falagar thanks user 'coolnet560' in the forum message ' Wednesday night Bingo'.
    10 hours 28 minutes ago
  • 13 hours 52 minutes ago
  • Good news!

    Through the magic of Stripe, you can now pay for Therebucks or There subscriptions even if you don’t have a PayPal Account.

    This also means that many of you who couldn’t pay due to your locale (Egypt, for example) may now be able to pay.

    There’s one little hitch – if you’re still running Internet Explorer 7, you won’t see the Stripe options. This is because Stripe uses relatively modern browser features which Internet Explorer 7 lacks (by “modern” I mean “modern like running water in your home” modern – IE 7’s not exactly the latest and greatest itself).

    One other hitch – if you want to purchase a developer item using the “Real Money” option you still need to use PayPal. This is because only PayPal offers the cool digital / micropayment options which make small purchases even worthwhile.

    We hope you like this new payment option, and, if you know anyone who hasn’t joined There because they needed another option, please let them know!

    14 hours 34 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'susanszy' in the forum message ' Bingo at Sanctuary!'.
    15 hours 45 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'susanszy' in the forum message ' CCR Celebrates Autumn!'.
    15 hours 45 minutes ago
  • SMZ Greenie thanks user 'MichaelFlya' in the forum message ' Writing a new auction auto-lister.'.
    18 hours 41 minutes ago
  • xSnoopy created a new topic ' Wednesday night Bingo' in the forum.
    Last night a group of us were hanging out in Zona, talking about how boring it has been since the latest update to There.
    At about 8:45, someone mentioned that there was a Bingo event at 9:00.
    Most of us do not play Bingo but there are some very interesting people to interact with so we decided to go.
    After a short stop at a Yard sale, we went to Bingo.
    As we entered, someone shouted or made a noise in the IM box. It was quite loud and surprised me. My comment in the IM box was "what the hell was that".
    About 30 seconds later I was banned from the event along with one of my friends. No warning, no questions from the host or the co-host, just kicked us out.
    Shortly after that a lot of my friends were also banned. They told me that they had been defending me and wanted to know why I had been banned.
    A lot of the knowledgeable people in this Forum have been posting about "if you cant find people or are just bored find an event to go to". That is exactingly what we did.
    When I was running events at Arctic, I always gave the offensive person at least 1 or 2 warnings before banning them so they knew exactingly what they were being kicked out for. Usually booted them out but allowing them to come right back in. The second time I booted them out, I went outside the zone and gave them a verbal warning and let them back in. The third time it was usually permanent for that event.
    My group of friends, at times, use some rather colorful language and are pretty passionate about their beliefs. Other events we have been at the host usually tells us that their event is a "no cussing event" and that usually stops all the "offensive" language.
    Folks, this is NOT 1950. This is an over 18 crowd and it is 2014 and everyone should be treated as such.
    If you don't like the language, please ask that person or group to knock it off.
    Of course, if you have that person on your personal on Ignore list, at least take the time to remove him/her and give them a warning.
    There are a LOT of people, at events that do not have me on Ignore and I thoroughly enjoy interacting with them.
    I hate to use this word but what happened last night is called GRIEFING!
    21 hours 12 minutes ago
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic '2014 Halloween Decorating Contest' in the forum.
    Just a reminder, you only have a few days to submit your decorations in. It only takes a few minutes to register. I removed the requirement to take a pic, I made that optional, but recommended. :) If you have any questions please contact me.
  • coolnet560 replied to the topic 'LiquiGear Holiday Merchandise 2014' in the forum.
    Nice job!
    2 days ago
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