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  • michaelwilson replied to the topic 'Legends of the Fall: New Release September 2014' in the forum.
    ChevyCobb wrote:
    kateshappy wrote:
    My bet is that Makena got around to changing it back a LOT later than they intended.
    My bet is that they see there are usually less than 100 people logged in at any given time, and are just hurting for money.

    Incorrect (again).

    The truth is SamSyn had made the change a long time ago, and we just hadn't pushed the change out.

    As many have kindly reminded us, this was a temporary situation, we were clear about that up front.

    1 hours 35 minutes ago
  • NathanAvis replied to the topic 'Zona' in the forum.
    While "Mimi and her noobs" sounds like it has the potential to be a sitcom, I think we should focus on the main point of the thread - if new signups are in the middle of receiving help from guides and the like, leave them to it unless you want to help, too.

    There is a society which should learn to govern itself yes, but that also means on an individual level. You can't blame a victim of griefing and abuse for not being able to handle their aggressor's behavior. The whole point was we were being trusted not to behave that way in the first place.
    2 hours 26 minutes ago

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