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  • To all my friends on all virtual worlds.

    I Guernseyman apologize for being offline on all virtual worlds for some months, due to having a heart attack on 24th January 2014. I am still ill so my time online is limited and now I have a added complication that one of my family is now also very ill and at the moment is on the operating table in a London hospital for a Cancer operation on her leg. That person is my mother, I will return to my online worlds as and when I can do so, I am still paying my subscriptions to certain worlds even though I am not able to be on them.

    To summarise I am still ill after a heart attack and family health matters also, I will return as in a quote from a certain movie!!.
    4 hours 8 minutes ago
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  • Thumdar replied to the topic 'Re:My thoughts about there..' in the forum.
    Hi Kevin.

    I'm not sure you could have misunderstood me more. So, I'll go through step by step and explain it.

    First off, I'm not a There employee and therefor not management. I never ban people on There because I don't have that ability. I've only ever banned people on this site when they've become a serious pain in the you-know-where and that is very, very rare.

    <quote>Hi thumdar, I know you in game too and i appriciate you as a person, i know you look for the best interest of this website and best interest for there, but this is the kind of censorship i was talking about, people cant voice their opinion or give criticism about the game if its not in the best interest of the game or the website</quote>

    If you re-read what I wrote, I was supporting your right to say what you did. I also have the the right to express my thoughts.

    <quote>it shouldnt be like that, people should be able to point out their opinions about the game, without being threatened about being banned</quote>

    I did not suggest or say you were potentially going to be banned for any reason.

    <quote>any criticism about the game management means bans</quote>

    No one has been banned for just being critical of this site.

    <quote>it shouldnt be like that, and i played many successful games, in none of them did i experience as much censorship as this, you can read all my posts, i didnt cuss, i didnt insult, i didnt bad mouth anyone, all i did was criticise the way the management deal with things, you think thats breaking the rules?<quote>

    Where is the censorship? I censored nothing. I did not say or imply that you broke any rules. I clarified that if people break the rules, then there are consequences. Believe me, if you break the rules I will flat out tell you so.

    <quote>as far as me, the game shot my back when it banned most of my friends in there and made me think its not worth to play anymore due to that, and the fact the game is quite empty in my opinion.<br />
    im not here to shoot the game in the back in any means, and i feel bad you feel like that</quote>

    I think I could have used a better analogy. Shooting in the back didn't properly express what I was saying. You had wrote that you were leaving the game but that you felt you needed to express yourself before you went. I was trying to make an analogy that by stating such negative things about There as you were leaving the game was like shooting the game as you walked out the door. Kicking it one time before you left. Even that doesn't seem to be what I'm trying to say. Many people seem to be focusing on the bad here in the forums and other people read it and make judgement. It seems better to me to try and be positive about There instead of being negative.

    <quote>and this is the problem actually, instead of looking at what i write as something the game needs to be worked on, on that espect you and the game management look at it as "revenge", and its not.</quote>

    I did view your post as constructive criticism. I've never south any type of revenge within the realm of this website.

    <quote>it happened many times before, people wrote anything negative about the game, and got banned or got their thread locked, instead of looking into what that player was complaining about, and making things better in there.</quote>

    I always read controversial topics and only ever lock them if they are breaking the clearly defined rules posted or if the OP was inflammatory and abusive. I hate locking threads. Hate it. Keep in mind that I get hammered from both sides ~ someone starts a thread and someone is offended. I lock the thread and get criticized by the OP (and gang) or I don't lock it and another gang/person is angry with me and I hear about it. This is why I'm forced to strictly follow the rules. Trust me ~ it's not fun and I'm not getting paid.

    <quote>again, i understand you want only nice things to be written about there, but in freedom of speach people have different opinions</quote>

    This is false. I am impartial to what people write about There. I have always encouraged members to express themselves as long as it follows the rules.

    <quote>people come here cause this forum is about there, so they say what they think about the current state of the game and what are the problems, and how the game should be improved, i dont think there's anything wrong about doing so.</quote>

    I created these forums for this exact reason. I have never wanted anything but for people to have a place to communicate. Still.., I feel it's better to try and focus/work on making a There a better place as opposed to focusing on the negative. Just my 2 cents.
  • Thumdar replied to the topic 'Re:Has anyone been in Zephyr lately?' in the forum.
    And if that red haired guy shows up he can prove he's got paintball skills after all.
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    Thumdar Ooh ~ frothy!
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  • I am in need of some stimulating conversation
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  • I know it seems like decades since I was last on, but I pretty much have avoided it for a major reason. Too much drama of people posting there every day problems in life, like what are we psychiatrist that have to deal with it. Life sucks for most I know but suck it up and move along. Agree with me or not I really don't care. So if I don't come back to FB, don't be too surprised.
    3 weeks ago
  • phluid13 replied to the topic 'Re:Michael Wilson Blog: Funzone Sale!' in the forum.
    I don't think an actual number was stated by anyone. The numbers or cuts we are all using are theoretical and hypothetical scenarios to establish a thought.

    The thing is though. The prices for everything in there are based on an economy that was much different in a much different time. Attempting to bring more people in to pay prices that were based on a prior economy wouldn't be a smart idea. There has to be incentive to stay. And it has to be competitive but also reasonable. But what's reasonable and what would still turn a profit? I don't think there is any one answer. But the test that MW is doing I'm sure will turn some sort of results and a final decision can be made from there.

    3 weeks ago
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