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Bingo Night

Posted by on in Virtual Worlds
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I felt a bit curious about Bingo night out on the Bingo boat so one Monday Night I popped in for a few. I must say this was the absolute barring none most boring event an Avatar could find herself.

The event takes forever and ever and ever Ah-men to begin. Once it does begin it takes forever and ever and ever Ah-men to run through one Bingo card. It also takes forever and ever and ever Ah-men for a legitimate Bingo to be called.   (Click the 'Read On' button below for more on this!)


Some Avatars are permitted to babble in the megaphone- others are admonished for it. So you have to know someone if you want to converse in the megaphone.

I cannot understand why anyone- unless they are bored out of their mind living in a bomb bunker twenty feet underground and trapped there forever would spend even a Monday night online participating in this event! Yet dozens of Avatars show up and sit their Avatars bums down and somehow get through this event.

I have a several theories of just how they manage to do this...

- The human controlling the Avatar is on dope- take your pick which particular dope they are on; pot, pills or crack. The human controlling the Avatar is so bunked up they don't realize that they will never get a Bingo and even if they do they will call it too late and someone else will win the gigantic prize of 1000 Tbux for sitting for an hour to get one diagonal line Bingo.

- Some corporate giant is paying humans to play Bingo. This theory makes the most sense to me. There is no justifiable reason anyone would sit for hours wading through the sludge of eternal pauses between numbers called, the back and forthing about who really has a Bingo and request from the event coordinator for players to cease pressing the 'refresh' button unless they were raking in about $20 US per hour to do so.

- Everyone is multi-taking while waiting for Bingo to be called. This is the most stupid-assed reason to be at this event. You could sit in any number of nicely populated areas of There and multi-task- it is not necessary to subject yourself to this excruciatingly monotonous experience!

I have no idea how the Avatar and her human component deal with running this event once per week. I'm thinking about the members of some orders of Monks who flog their own backs raw and bloody to purge themselves of sin. Perhaps she is really trying to atone for something...

Sweetie, just partake in one good flogging session. You truly don't have to put yourself through this every week!


*** Note:  If you don't agree with me, practice what you preach and don't act rude; hypocrisy is the grandest form of stupidity and ignorance. 

This entry was presented from my point of view and grew from my experience.  This is a concept the many groups of lemmings in There cannot grasp; that some individuals have the ability to call it like they see it.  This blog entry is a record of what I observed and what those observations translated into during the time I spent in the Bingo Boat. 

I make no attempts to 'be funny'; the event is humorous in and of itself.  If you knew me, which you don't, my style of writing isn't ever about trying to 'be funny'.  I've made quite the pile of pennies using metaphoric irony as the backbone of my observations in the virutal world as I research the interactions in said gaming communities and put together essays on the material I gather through my observations. 

And as you do not possess the ability to relax and absorb the observations of others allowing them their own opinions and quite possibly entertaining the experiences of others to better understand points-of-view that differ from your own, l feel compelled to help you with something: the intelligent woman wouldn't have stomped into my blog waving a banner- she'd have typed up her own entry in her own blog raving about how wonderful the event in question is rather than reducing herself to petty drama in her petulant replies.  But of course being dramatic and displaying emotional tirades is typical of women in There...  You simply don't know what to do with yourselves unless you are jumping on some bandwagon and pointing fingers at someone...  :)

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