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Posted by on in There

Yes, our long waiting time has arrived.  We can now go on There.  Here is Michael Wilson blog post about accessing 


Update: I have emphasized the 18+ aspect here. If you’re not 18 or older, don’t log in. If you do, when we find out (and we will), you’ll be banned, your IP and machines will be banned, and there will be NO refunds. That also means that anyone else in your house won’t be able to use There, even if they are over 18. Thanks for your cooperation.

Now, a short update from SamSyn:

No, we’re not fully re-opened yet, but here’s your Socratic FAQ on the subject…..

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Posted by on in Science and Technology

Steve Jobs was a inspirational guy.  Since he started working at Apple, he made the future of technology happen.  After he got fired and worked at Pixar, he made that company amazing that they were the first one to develop animated movie.  The first movie was Toy Story.  After he left Pixar to work at Apple, he continued to fight stronger and develop the most amazing technology we ever seen.  I feel that without him, we would still be stick with Microsoft.  We wouldn't have the iPod, iPad, iMac, iPhone and many other products.  He has shown amazing progess.  Here is what I wrote to Apple to send to his family and friends. 




"My sincere condolences to his family and friends.  He is a true inspiration to everyone.  He has shown a lot of dedication to his work, and I believe his dream will last a long time.  I became an Apple fan no because of the gadgets and gismos, but comparing Apple and Microsoft, Apple shows the future of technology.  Not only, Apple knows what the people wants, but they know how to implement it in technology.  When I first bought my green ipod mini, I said to my friends, "This is nothing, in a few years, it will be 10x better than it is now."  A few years later, we see a trend of new technology improving so fast that with a blink of an eye something new came out.  I believe that a few years later, we will see something so amazing that it will put Microsoft in the prehistoric time.   I know that Steve Jobs is looking down on us and he knows that he left Tim Cook as CEO that he made the right choice for his company.   He knows that he is proud of his company and knows that Apple will last a long time.  I wish his family best wishes, and knowing that it's sad to see a guy who put his love in the company gone, but we know that his remembrance will last forever."

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Posted by on in Uncategorized

It's been over a week since Verizon workers went on strike.  The strike was about Verizon cutting health benefits, wagers, pensions, etc...  Workers from Mass to Virgina went on strike for those reasons.  During those strikes there has been sabotages on small businesses who has Verizon services.  The FBI has been working with Verizon to find out who is doing it.  There has been a 50,000 reward on any information about this.  Yesterday, Verizon workers decided to go back to work on Monday and Tuesday, however; there hasn't been a set decision for there next contract.  More information on this can be found on this link:

Tagged in: strike verizon
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Posted by on in Entertainment and Humor

Have you noticed before you go to the movies the newspaper and online sites rate the movies so they can tell you if it's good or bad? you believe in what they say?  For example, lets say the critics said Harry Potter 7 PT 2 said it was horrible and they gave it a 2 star.  Would you listen to them and not go or would see the movie and ignore them? Why should we have critics to tell us not to see it?  I saw the movie Thor with my uncle and we thought it was great.  The critics said not to see it.  I don't understand why people follow what they say.  They are just basing there own opinion about the movie.  For those who follow what they say, kudos to them, but how do you know if you will not like it?  Trailers, please those wont help you enough.  They just give you previews of the movie.  Maybe certain parts in the movie were bad but you may like whats going on in the other scenes.  To me, I hope people ignore the critics they have nothing better to do but tell others whether or not we should see it.  If you don't like it, that's understandable, not everyone likes all the movies that comes out.  To end the rambling, please think this carefully.  Before you decide to listen to a critic think it carefully, is the movie your type?  Do you like that type of style?  Go with what you like and not what others have to say.

That ends my rambling..... :)

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Posted by on in Virtual Worlds

I've noticed something interesting.  Since I started in, it came to my knowledge now how addicting it can be.  I can be on for the whole day without moving.  Scary, isn't it?  I can be on for a whole week without sleeping (but I will never do that). is a fun social interactive virtual world.  Second Life, Twinity, Blue Mars, VIE, NuVera, etc... are all great as well.  If you remember back in 2006 when Dr. Phil came on and discussed about There, he made some valid points.  Virtual Worlds are addicting.  We all need to becareful because if we decide to spend all of our money on virtual worlds than they shut down, we will have nothing in return.  Look at Second Life.  Have you played with the horses?  They are cute and fun, and very addicting.  According to my friend, we rent the horses and have no ownership of them.  We all need to becareful on how much we spend and play on a virtual world.  It is fun, but real life is more important than virtual worlds.

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