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Posted by on in Uncategorized

I watched the republican debate last night on msnbc (9/07/2011) and noticed that Ron Paul was asked 4 questions out of the whole hour and half. How unfair is that? It is very clear this debate was rigged. They chose who they're front runners were. Romney, and Perry. Perry really hurt himself when he said SS is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme, and I am glad the few that were asked if Ben Bernanke's 2014 term should carry on, and they ALL SAID NO!!! I could not agree more.

Funny thing is, Ron Paul by far has the most votes.



Despite the little attention Ron Paul got, it is clear how corrupt the main stream media is! They will never learn til it is to late.

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The title says it all. So many things that others can do, but we cannot. Such as the American federal Government. Why is it... that if we AMERICANS do not pay our bill's we get hounded by collection agencies, threatened to be sued, etc etc, or YOU BETTER keep your checking account balanaced, but yet...

It's ok for the Government to..

spend our hard earned money as they please, BORROW from other countries, LIE to us, keep secrets from us, and not pay back what was borrowed, or keep the budget balanced? Do as I say, not as I do!

Whats wrong with this picture?

A few weeks ago the Senate voted to allow Illegal immigrants to access our Social security, have full benefits, and NEVER work a day in they're life here in AMERICA? There is currently a petition going on in hopes Obama will veto this ludacris bill. A female immigrant can already have a baby/ies in America by an American Male, never get married, and get Medacaid, food stamps, and all the other free benefits the Government has to offer, and NEVER work a FREAKING day in they're life here in AMERICA. America has become...

The land of opportunity for Illegal Aliens ONLY!

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Posted by on in Design and Designers
If you have questions, or wish to share your idea's or knowledge abut designing or developing in There, post here.
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Posted by on in Personal and Diary

In all honesty, I was never really surprised There closed. I saw it coming well before the announcement. Which is why at that time I was excited about venturing to Blue Mars which I see now happening all over again. I have to say that it does hurt abit to see Blue Mars slowly fading away even though the company says it will NOT fail nor shut down.

 "HM where have I heard that before?

The only reason why it hurts is because of the countless hours I have put into Misty Hollow, and doing everything I can to make it one of the TOP most visted cities in Blue Mars. When There closed I was somewhat saddened, but I had moved on before it shut down. It was'nt until recently it really hit me. A post SaltySilver made on MW's blog with some photo's of There. Sure I had seen many photo's before. I even watched the video Me, V, Marie, and Kiva made about Stalward Village (Both). Neither really had any affect on me. Last night (7/20/2011) I had a short dream about There. It almost woke me up, and I was saying to myself "How much I miss spending time with V" in There. It almost brought tears to my eye's. In a way I am glad There closed. Why? because I think it made us ALL even MW realize just how valueble, and how many lives it has impacted when open. I must say. When I joiined There I never had any intentions on Meeting someone to be in a relationship with. It just happened :) There has taught me so much about how to run a business, make a name for myself, DO whatever it takes to make a buck, and flatout have fun with the limitations we had. When There re opens I know we will ALL a new outlook, and have a whole different respect for this virtual world we all come to love, and miss so much. Anyone that has never spent time in There will never understand it how we Therians do. Hopefully that will change once it does re open.

You don't know what you got til its gone...

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