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After Guildwars 2, Forsaken World, and now Age of Wushu and Tera... sems so long ago and so far away. Yet it was my first online experience and I miss you all

Blog entries categorized under There

Hmm' it seems I spent my entire THERE existence as the other-half of a virtual couple. When I was fresh in THERE only a few weeks I met Percy and had my own personal guide to,we ended up being in a friendship/relationship that lasted almost my whole experience in THERE. Living 1000's of miles apart (Boston to London) THERE was our world. After THERE ended we ended. Now THERE is back and Percy is happy with his new fiance' (congratz btw) and I'm standing in THERE wondering what to do with myself. Well now I know what the "Happening Now" schedule is for! Turns out RaceSmart is having a party, I love driving so that sounds great. It's at BambooCrater Xtreme 4x4 Park...oooh Tuv's. Looking at the party go-ers profiles I saw many in a club called guinea pigs. Right now we all are Beta Testers because the world isn't fully open. But people like RaceSmart beta tested as soon as THERE2 started getting ready. She was amazed and grateful to be chosen, and her and Zip (living in the same house) saw it all first hand and got to share exciting bits with us.RaceSmart talked more about Beta-testing before the Gold Fun Passes got in. She was surprised at the ones that were exclusively chosen to participate, but felt the choices represented a wide variety of Theriens and were well made. They ranged from people like virtual site owner Thumdar, moviemaker/gameshow host Francis_7, to her friend who said: I can't believe they picked me all I do is paintball. At the party people also discussed compasses (you have to download b-boy...Bedican that's the one). I told them I didn't have one. Go to you'll find everything you need I was told. More people showed up including Korben who took me for wild ride on the track, including getting stuck in the JND platform which he said always happens. lol' Just when I thought the party was over Korben took me to paint the THERE town red (or purple you might say). We played Crack when I said I never did before and met up with a lot of Theriens, and the night was so much fun, one of the best I spent in THERE, so good thing I found out what was "Happening Now"!

4x4 Park

Party with RaceSmart telling us that after a while people didn't know if it was her or Zip talking. Doh'

racesmart talking

wild ride

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 I logged into THERE really late last night, the only time I can get in it seems. I tried a few times earlier and got the world is full message. drat' I looked at the remarkable amount of running events but nothing caught my eye. Suddenly excited, I'll finally arrange my inventory! I stood on a deserted ~ so I thought ~  mountain in the middle of no- there, starting the long tedious task of going through my things. I didn't get very far when suddenly I saw what seemed to be right out of the new Transformers movie I recently saw a giant robot coming right for me. I was actually shocked. lol' So suddenly I was face to face with maverickfred and this colorful Aussie took me out of my inventory doldrums right into a THERE adventure. Wow what a time! phew'


Surprised by maverickfred!

Last night I saw some of the building you can do and why even when you think there is nothing to do in THERE your wrong. THERE is full of wonder and surprise. On the way to Fred's layout we passed by the White House by next3d and even though I accidentally fell out of the robot it was nice to see it's amazing detail again. Fred's place was a down-under spectacle. Kangaroos welcomed us with waterfalls and Santa Claus. Fred remarked it was a little early for the Christmas stuff but as he explained and showed me what he built I could see how much fun he really has in THERE. At the end we met who he called "the ladies" who were all playing cards. They weren't too surprised to see me. They thought my Cheetah outfit was sooo cute and that Fred knew everyone- just like Michael Wilson. What a night, truly satisfied.. I logged off to drift away to Kangaroo dreams of THERE down-under and all the places I have yet to explore.


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So tonight in THERE I was really enjoying my stuff. Trying on everything in my inventory and just deciding what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to sell/return to get the 900t's I needed to rent the house for my club for just one more month. I did get the tbux that I needed and now I got nostalgic about my things. I forgot how much I really enjoyed what I designed and all the memories that went with it.


The outfit I designed and wish I was wearing when Samsyn showed up....

So basically I was just relaxing and about to go to an event when I got a surprise visit from Samsyn. He had his staff Icon in his logo (which looked awesome) and a really cool Samsyn jacket. Which ofc I was wearing a mis-matched outfit, two pieces I had decided to get rid of...ugh why didn't I. So now I'm caught wearing a bad outfit, but realizing it would have been weirder to suddenly change I stayed in it lol.

I never met Samsyn before so it was interesting to see what he was like. He was pretty interested in his job, commenting on my eyes being too shiny, but then with a sense of humor and charm he commented on their nice shape and the non-groucho like brows I was sporting. Which is what every girl likes to hear. 'blush 'lol. I wanted to repay the kindness and I told him I really liked his jacket. He said it was his second favorite possesion and to my surprise he took out his favorite one. It was a giant buzzsaw hoverboard thing! Good thing we were in THERE otherwise my clubhouse would be chopped to bits and we would be headless.

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Okay NOW I want to do it all, I mean what if I can't get in THERE again? Or at least for a long time.... What can I do? the list is longgggggg. Avie sacrifices given. Cards, my dog, see who's in world. I wannnt to ride my buggy noa. I find the most amazing crazy up to the sky track/ramp. I know I have a hoverboard. My inventory is so disorganized where is all my crap! Oh yeah my hoverpack...and I find my felium ball rofl. So basically I run around like a crazed avie trying everything like it's brand new. And it turns out I'm not force logged out and we had plenty of time after all, plenty of time to just relax after a long night hanging out in THERE.


The Chaz and Elaur join us for a jump of Avie sacrifices.


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I randomly clicked hoping I wouldn't get the "world is full" screen again, but it was full.. drat'. I'll try one more time I thought, even though it was 3am, if I got in I'd be too tired any way so no big disappointment. Then the log in was taking a while...and yes! blackscreen I was in THERE. Suddenly I wasn't tired anymore, I was home. A few days earlier I got in for 6hrs. Basically only a certain number of ppl are being allowed in at this time, and they are being periodically booted to allow others to log in, but if your quick to relog you can STAY in for awhile. The weirdest feeling I felt tonight is the toon is you but it's not you. Most of my inventory is there and some of my look sets but basically this is a new toon that is assigned your stuff, and THERE2 is a replica of THERE. It struck me hard tonight because my new toon's name is capital ( a friend restored it for me as I was not sure if I wanted to go back in THERE and they put a capital letter) and for some reason that made me feel really upset and sad. Basically a reminder that my virtual world was torn away from me and now I have to wait in line to see the copy of it. But I have to admit- despite being a copy it's amazing.



My new old me on the walkway for the first time with my restored saved lookset, so glad I had some.

I chatted on skype to xXBlackOutXx about being in THERE and he tried to get in but it didn't work. He didn't want me to log out cuz he wanted to be with me, but he asked me to ask others to log off lol. The first time I was in I rented a house and set up Bff Club. It used to have 700 members now the new/old BFF Club has 5. It used to have an associated clubhouse but all the left-over T-bux I had only equaled enough to rent a house. And until THERE really opens you can't buy t-bux. So I settled for a house and put out  paz, with cars like a parking lot, which all disappeared by the time I logged in next. I was actually booted out before I could set up the club. But I got in two days later, did the re-logging fast trick and set it all up.

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