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Posted by on in There

Just testing the blog out.  So if anyone even cares the There Voice site is down.  I stop paying my web hosting fees for a number of reasons.  1.  having it up for old times sake not worth the money.  2.  Giving There free advertising - not worth my money esp after doing it for seven years.  3.  To say I'm disappointed with things in There is an understatement. 

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Posted by on in There


ArrowWood Resident Guidelines.

Stolen from SlumLord of LagoLand revised by ArrowWood

ArrowWood is a beach city themed neighborhood. Activities and objects inside or nearby the hood should reflect this theme. This neighborhood is designed for people who want a small taste of the real world in their There online lives. With this in mind, there are a few guidelines you should follow to live in ArrowWood:

1. To stay within the theme most modern houses will work just fine. Things like giant pyramids, futuristic houses and the like would just ruin the overall look and feel of the hood. No houses on stilts please, no cottages with thatched roofs, and no houses that have objects floating above the main structure.

2. Dropping objects outside your house for events is fine, but please do not clutter up the neighborhood with objects that do not match the look and feel of the small town.  Animated billboards are not permitted within ArrowWoods boundaries.

3. Should a visitor or a resident irritate you:

- Ask them nicely to stop. Please explain to them that if they persist they may be removed permanently from the area.
- If they persist and ignore your request then you can ignore them or put them on the ban list for your lot.
- If they continue bothering others in the area send an IM or theremail to Ant1977 or ArrowWood to report it.

4. PAZ's visible from within the neighborhood are not permitted. While this is ok with There's guidelines, which allow a 50 meter buffer around the neighborhood, it is not OK with me. Building in a neighborhood is cheaper than building on a paz, plus you get to host your own events! PAZ's also generate much more lag for tenants, so our current policy is to ignore on sight all PAZ owners who move within visible range of the hood, and the ones which are 50 meters or closer to the border will be reported to There.

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Hmm' it seems I spent my entire THERE existence as the other-half of a virtual couple. When I was fresh in THERE only a few weeks I met Percy and had my own personal guide to,we ended up being in a friendship/relationship that lasted almost my whole experience in THERE. Living 1000's of miles apart (Boston to London) THERE was our world. After THERE ended we ended. Now THERE is back and Percy is happy with his new fiance' (congratz btw) and I'm standing in THERE wondering what to do with myself. Well now I know what the "Happening Now" schedule is for! Turns out RaceSmart is having a party, I love driving so that sounds great. It's at BambooCrater Xtreme 4x4 Park...oooh Tuv's. Looking at the party go-ers profiles I saw many in a club called guinea pigs. Right now we all are Beta Testers because the world isn't fully open. But people like RaceSmart beta tested as soon as THERE2 started getting ready. She was amazed and grateful to be chosen, and her and Zip (living in the same house) saw it all first hand and got to share exciting bits with us.RaceSmart talked more about Beta-testing before the Gold Fun Passes got in. She was surprised at the ones that were exclusively chosen to participate, but felt the choices represented a wide variety of Theriens and were well made. They ranged from people like virtual site owner Thumdar, moviemaker/gameshow host Francis_7, to her friend who said: I can't believe they picked me all I do is paintball. At the party people also discussed compasses (you have to download b-boy...Bedican that's the one). I told them I didn't have one. Go to you'll find everything you need I was told. More people showed up including Korben who took me for wild ride on the track, including getting stuck in the JND platform which he said always happens. lol' Just when I thought the party was over Korben took me to paint the THERE town red (or purple you might say). We played Crack when I said I never did before and met up with a lot of Theriens, and the night was so much fun, one of the best I spent in THERE, so good thing I found out what was "Happening Now"!

4x4 Park

Party with RaceSmart telling us that after a while people didn't know if it was her or Zip talking. Doh'

racesmart talking

wild ride

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Posted by on in There

 I logged into THERE really late last night, the only time I can get in it seems. I tried a few times earlier and got the world is full message. drat' I looked at the remarkable amount of running events but nothing caught my eye. Suddenly excited, I'll finally arrange my inventory! I stood on a deserted ~ so I thought ~  mountain in the middle of no- there, starting the long tedious task of going through my things. I didn't get very far when suddenly I saw what seemed to be right out of the new Transformers movie I recently saw a giant robot coming right for me. I was actually shocked. lol' So suddenly I was face to face with maverickfred and this colorful Aussie took me out of my inventory doldrums right into a THERE adventure. Wow what a time! phew'


Surprised by maverickfred!

Last night I saw some of the building you can do and why even when you think there is nothing to do in THERE your wrong. THERE is full of wonder and surprise. On the way to Fred's layout we passed by the White House by next3d and even though I accidentally fell out of the robot it was nice to see it's amazing detail again. Fred's place was a down-under spectacle. Kangaroos welcomed us with waterfalls and Santa Claus. Fred remarked it was a little early for the Christmas stuff but as he explained and showed me what he built I could see how much fun he really has in THERE. At the end we met who he called "the ladies" who were all playing cards. They weren't too surprised to see me. They thought my Cheetah outfit was sooo cute and that Fred knew everyone- just like Michael Wilson. What a night, truly satisfied.. I logged off to drift away to Kangaroo dreams of THERE down-under and all the places I have yet to explore.


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Posted by on in There

To everyone who was on There from start to finish to start again this is my memories of the old there. Now mind you i joined there back in April 2004. I have saw a lot of changes from then, i mean i remember when you couldn't change the atmosphere, lock paz's, heck i remember when renegades and one seater buggyies just came out. But i think my fondest memory is meeting everyone that i have and to be quite honest i dont regret meeting anyone in there. Well i digress anway the one person i am happy i met was Thumdar (no not saying this because it is his website).The reason i say this is due to some important Facts. For one The first day i went on there i met him in Karuna after going through Noob Island which to say wasn't anything like they have now it was just a island that every noob spawned to. Anyway well i say the name Thumdar and thought it was pretty interesting and anyone that knows me in RL or There knows im not shy in the least. So anyway i thought it'd be best to get some info about there and it seemed as if it looked like he'd know. So i had blantly went up to him and asked the best noob question 'How do i change my clothes?". he looked at me and typed even though he could've spoke with voice he typed and said 'Well what you want to do is first is go to your icon on the bottom that says 'My Things' then go to "Change Me" then click on the clothes you want to wear and there ya go." He said it as he did the emotion Smile. And thats how my friendship started with Thumdar but in any event this is my first time making a blog post so please be nice lol and also thank you Thumdar for your Kindness, Friendship, and Website. You Truly Are A Therian Legend {jcomments on}

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