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Noobs < Premium boobs?

Posted by on in Virtual Worlds
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 HUGE LAWL sorry bout the title I had no idea's what to call it

Amazingly enough it has only been a short time since I have been in There, and already I have made such great friends, from pranksters to dancers to those of great spirit, vitality intellect and or experience such an adventure has it been so far.

And yet....THERE offers so much more with its ever changing environments and wave of newcomers some leaving, others staying even becoming Premium. Though the one thing which is starting to upset me is the way I see some of the premium people treating the new ones to There....have they forgotten what it was like to be overwhelmed by all that this amazing virtual world has to offer?

 Have they become so primo they have no eyes to see that these new comers are future there citizens just waiting to be shown how wonderful and unique this place can be?

all the insulting attitudes I have seen and witnessed since I myself joined before becoming  premium is interesting, yes there is a border line that seems to be drawn in how many treat the new people and those who have bought things ...I can imagine why...tiresome it might get to encounter the same questions time and time again....but tact is still required whether it is the first time you encounter the question or the millionth time right?

my rant of the ole soap box variety?

Not all the new members will join no, and yes they might just be happy with being basic as can be visiting on and off when RT does not conflict with their off time from work/school etc...but if you treat them awfully they will leave and not wish to join....and think of it this way..There is not the only place offering such a service...the people who are new that you are rude too...well will not buy premium memberships...will not buy your clothing you might have designed or your houses etc....and that my friend is a future for you in There....

Each new person should be treated with respect for each one of them are like you were  not long ago....and it was your experiences here in There that brought you too to become support those who work hard in order to keep the site running for you to come back and enjoy....

I guess it would be nice to see not so many rude reactions had when "noobs" as many call them come running up asking silly questions, yes the old saying does exist ...Ask a stupid question get a stupid answer....but we only learn by experience right? if your not wishing to give them the answer just give them a name of an island Guide online who might? or offer them a link, url that might offer said information they might be seeking or simply say you do not have time to explain and perhaps they will move can just ignore them too. You know that thing grandmothers used to say back in the day, "got nothing nice to say, well say nothing at all"...this way you don't end up looking like a jerk...not just to the noob but your friends or other premium members eh...

Some of these new people do not speak English well enough to understand what they are reading in the instructions, others well...they might shall we say be too young...?

but all in all speaking to them and educating them in There ways includes treat them rudely and they might become premium members...BUT it could only breed more rudeness displayed by them to other new players...because those new fledged premiums once "noobs" will want to fit in with you...and so the vicious cycle continues....but for how long?

That is for There Citizens to control right? lol

dang that was a silly Rant sorry ....but its out of my system now woot!

I have noticed common threads of conversation in There in the last while

many speaking of wishing there was a seperation of the ages...spots set aside for older or younger groups...for various reasons such as protection of young minds still evolving or maturing and for others to be more themselves who are well...set in their ways ...

Is such a thing possible?

I mean There is constantly changing this I have seen...but really how can one set aside area's...yes there are already private homes...locations...but if your new, how do you know where to find others of your age range? ....

I guess this is where the conversation should have

after the others were finished laughing about all the new youngins asking for kisses or tbucks and such


t-shirt that says jailbait

t-shirt says my kids are your age

t-shirt says the bank is closed

t-shirt has island guide crossed out

links with maps that have guide huts located on them that when the mark is clicked the person is teleported to that easy access....or a list for members to give out that has the active Island guides names on it so that new players can just see which one is on line and ask away 'rtr


chuckling sorry sometimes you just can not help yourself


for all I know all this is already here, after all this site has been about for ages, so it would not surprise me in the least if this is all recycled thoughts had by so many others out there which ever the case might be 


going to try and include a scrapbook and video thingy of my adventures before being a "premium member" me as a noob...


 not sure of the coding to embed videos or such on this site or if it can be done in these blogs or not...'shrugs all in good time right lol we learn from experience 'wink



Sincerely VaqueraVapenstil 






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