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Posted by on in There

To everyone who was on There from start to finish to start again this is my memories of the old there. Now mind you i joined there back in April 2004. I have saw a lot of changes from then, i mean i remember when you couldn't change the atmosphere, lock paz's, heck i remember when renegades and one seater buggyies just came out. But i think my fondest memory is meeting everyone that i have and to be quite honest i dont regret meeting anyone in there. Well i digress anway the one person i am happy i met was Thumdar (no not saying this because it is his website).The reason i say this is due to some important Facts. For one The first day i went on there i met him in Karuna after going through Noob Island which to say wasn't anything like they have now it was just a island that every noob spawned to. Anyway well i say the name Thumdar and thought it was pretty interesting and anyone that knows me in RL or There knows im not shy in the least. So anyway i thought it'd be best to get some info about there and it seemed as if it looked like he'd know. So i had blantly went up to him and asked the best noob question 'How do i change my clothes?". he looked at me and typed even though he could've spoke with voice he typed and said 'Well what you want to do is first is go to your icon on the bottom that says 'My Things' then go to "Change Me" then click on the clothes you want to wear and there ya go." He said it as he did the emotion Smile. And thats how my friendship started with Thumdar but in any event this is my first time making a blog post so please be nice lol and also thank you Thumdar for your Kindness, Friendship, and Website. You Truly Are A Therian Legend {jcomments on}

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Posted by on in Thumdar
I would like to thank Thumdar for creating this amazing site.  He's worked over a month to make this site amazing for us, and I believe we should congratulate him for working really hard. :)
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Posted by on in Virtual Worlds

The other day I logged into SecondLife and was making a concerted effort to try and have fun. I needed to update my avie look so I went shopping. Found a leather jacket and some shoes. Bought some glasses that look like the ones I wear in physical life. Thumdar Yaffle in SecondLife

Cool, my avie looks better. Okay, now what? Where do I go? Yeah sure, there's people on my buddy list from There and I could IM them and go hang out. I got a teleport request from a friend and accepted it, arrived in the middle of a very dark club on the dance floor. Everyone had clicked on a disco light ball that activated a dance script and thus took control of their avatar making them dance together.

I don't much care to have my avie controlled, especially by a group script. Not much into being a follower. Kinda do my own thing, so I walked off the dance floor and stood there looking at the people.

Thumdar Yaffle Watching Dance Clubbers
Some people said, "Is that Thumdar from that site?" Or, "Is that Thumdar from There?". They were all nice enough and seemed to be having a nice time.

It was very dark. It was hard to know who was saying what (I later turned on chat bubbles ~ much better). It was like a bunch of bees in a hive following scent commands. I was standing there and it felt cold, my avie following the stand script I had implanted in his animation override. Yay.

I MISS ZONA!!!!!!!!! I miss being able to login into There and go to Fisher Island or Cosmo or Zephyr and be able to run up to a group of people and speak "Hey all, what's up?" My avatar moved fluidly LIKE A REAL PERSON DOES. People interacted. They didn't activate a script, they typed 'hole or 'giddyup or 'hi5 or ''laugh or 'tu. It was truly interactive.

Thumdar & Friends at Karuna Plaza
Yep, there are central gathering places in SL, true. I've been to them. It's usually one or two people voicing and making sure everyone knows they are experts of this or that while everyone else is standing around trying hard to look fabulous and just listening. Man ~ that just rocks.

Okay, okay, I'm just another disgruntled Therian PO'd that he lost his online world of choice, I know. SecondLife is actually really cool, but the interaction between peoples isn't (in my opinion) anywhere near as good as it was in There. I'm sure many, many, many peoples disagree with that, but I'm entitled to my opinion.

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