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downloadim.gif Did you know There has it's own instant messaging software? Well you do now! This is how There describes the sofware:

ThereIM is a lightweight client which allows you to stay in touch with your There friends even when you're not logged into the virtual world.

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1. What is ThereIM?

ThereIM is a lightweight client which allows you to stay in touch with your There friends even when you're not logged into the virtual world.

2. What do you mean "stay in touch"?

When you're logged into ThereIM, you can communicate with other ThereIM users using your avatar, just as you would in You can wear any and all of your clothing, and use any and all of the emoticons ("emotes") you'd use in world.

You can also communicate with friends currently logged into There itself. In this case, we use the There in-world text based "Instant Message" (IM) to connect with your friends in world.

3. What do you mean "lightweight"?

Since ThereIM isn't simulating a whole virtual world, it's much smaller than the full There client, and consumes fewer resources. In fact, the download size for ThereIM is about 10Mb, compared to 30-40Mb for Even though it's lightweight, you can still use your avatar to communicate and express yourself just as you would in, using emotes, clothing, and appearance to say what you want to say.

4. Is this "Production"?

We're calling this "Open Beta". As many of you know, ThereIM has been in "Closed" beta for some time now, and we think it's high time we opened it up to everyone.

5. Is it bug free?


6. Where do I get it?

You can download ThereIM here.

Registration, Possessions, and Therebucks

7. Do I have to re-register to use ThereIM?

No! You can use your existing There account to use ThereIM.

8. Is my ThereIM inventory separate from my inventory in There?

No! Everything about your There experience - inventory, T$ balance, privacy settings, profile, etc are shared between There and ThereIM.

9. Can I use my folders in my inventory like I do in-world?

Yes! In fact, you can create folders, delete them, and move things around, just like you can in-world.


10. Can I chat with more than one person in ThereIM?

Yes! You can hold multiple 1-on-1 chats, or group chats, just like in There.

11. When I am logged into ThereIM, can I chat with someone else logged into ThereIM?

Yes, you'll be able to use ACC (Avatar Centric Communications) to chat with them, and you'll both appear as avatars to each other.

12. When I am logged into ThereIM, can I chat with someone logged into There?

Yes. They will appear as an avatar to you in ThereIM, and your messages will appear as IMs to your friend in There.

13. That seems odd. Why can't they see my avatar?

Currently, it's only text. We're considering expanding ThereIM to allow you people in There to see ThereIM users as avatars. We need to work out issues around screen real estate and "where a ThereIM user is in world" first though.

14. When I am logged into There, can I chat with someone in ThereIM?

Yes, see above. You use Instant Messaging (IM) in There, and will appear as an avatar to the ThereIM users.

Buddies and Friends

15. When my buddies are logged into ThereIM, do they show up on my buddy list?


16. How can I tell if they are using ThereIM, or are in World?

If they're in World, they will appear with the "usual" There status indications. If they are in ThereIM, their status will appear instead as a small circle.


17. Can I shop in There's catalog or auctions from ThereIM?

Yes! All of the clothing available in the catalog or auctions is also available to you in ThereIM.

18. Can I change my clothes in ThereIM?

Yes! You have access to all your clothing, accessories, and hair in ThereIM just as you do in There. And all arranged just like you like them.

Miscellaneous Stuff

19. When I'm logged into ThereIM, will I get system messages such as Event Invites?


20. When I'm logged into ThereIM, can I respond to system messages such as Event Invites?

Yes! There's no need to log into world to respond to system messages.

21. What about Summons?

Unfortunately, you can't be summoned from ThereIM into world, yet.

22. Does socializing in ThereIM count towards socializing skills, etc?


23. Can I be logged into There and ThereIM at the same time?

No. Just as when you try to log into There from two clients, you'll be prompted to log out when you try to log in a second time.


24. Can I use voice in ThereIM?

Not yet. This is a ways away.

25. Can I do text-only chats in ThereIM?

We've received this request a lot, and are looking into it. Frankly, we're not sure it we shouldn't just implement a plug in for Trillian to do this (which, interestingly enough, we wrote internally a long time ago and never released).

26. Can I communicate with friends on AIM, Google Chat, etc in ThereIM?

Not yet.

27. Can I have a different background or chatprops in ThereIM?

Not sayin'. Just sayin', not sayin' :-).

Release Notes 2009.02.16

28. Known Bug: Some pages don't open properly under Firefox.

Some of the ThereIM Menu items (Profile, Clubs, and Events) may not work properly if your default browser is set to Firefox. We're currently working to correct this problem.

29. "Give" Option on inventory items doesn't work.

If you right click on an item in your inventory, there's a "Give" option which doesn't work yet.


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