The Great There Space Gathering

Come join us for the first Great There Space Gathering! Drop a porta zone, build a cosmic layout and hang out with the spaced-out Therians.

There Space GatheringThe Great There Gathering was a huge success in which people came to a big open area, dropped a paz and built whatever they wanted and then gathered together on a specific day to just hang out. The idea remains the same for this first Space Gathering.

This time creating a paz will be a bit more tricky as dropping a portazone in space isn't as simple as dropping one on the ground.

Also, the space environment creates some interesting effects so, it should be fun! Note that getting a good paz location might be more challenging than the last time so.., first come first serve!


July 15/16, 2012
Los Angeles: 2pm, July 15 (Sunday)
New York City: 5pm July 15 (Sunday)
Rio de Janeiro: 6pm July 15 (Sunday)
London: 10pm July 15 (Sunday)
Berlin: 11pm July 15 (Sunday)
Kiev, Ukraine: 12am July 16 (Monday)
Karachi, Pakistan: 2am July 16 (Monday)
Beijing, China: 5am July 16 (Monday)
Sydney, Australia: 7am July 16 (Monday)



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